History Of Our Pub

The Rose and Crown was built about 450 years ago as a farm house and coversted into a pub 1840's, whilst the building next door was a Methodist Chapel! In recent years the pub was a Phillips of Royston pub, until being taken over by Flowers, then was acquired by Strong & Co Ltd in 1949 who in turn were taken over by Whitbreads. Like most old pubs, this very attractive place, has a ghost - but it's a good one according to our locals!

Landlords & Landladies from 1860's

The Rose & Crown has been an important social institution since medieval times, it beacame a public house about 1840's and was named "Rose & Crown" by James Cotton. Even though authorities have always looked upon pubs with some degree of suspicion, regarding them as potential centres for dissent, drunkenness and disorder. Over the centuries running a pub has been an ambition for many a drinker, but few realise the effort and hard work needed to do so as successfully as Lois and Francis.

The following were the Landlords & Landladies the pub had since early 1840's:

(If there is not an entry for a year, it is because I do not have this information. please help us to complete the data)

Rushforth Barker - From 1801, owned the property and during this time it was used as a weaving shed

James Cotton - from 1843 (built the house no. 6 adjacent to the pub and he is previously recorded in the rate books as a tennant of a public house called the Rose & Crown on the site of the later Green Hill. He presumably took the Rose & Crown name with him to his new premises) 

Charles Papworth - 1850 -1851

George Diver - 1851 - 1858 (Previously was the lanlord of the The Windmill, a public house in Windmill Lane, which ceased trading at about this time)

Robert Tolliday - 1858 - 1865, (a member of the  well known Histon family. This was the period when the Baptists of the village became active and in their centenary booklet of 1858 J Stanley Chivers recalled that early Deacon's meeting were held in the club room of the rear end of the public house.

Thomas Chapman - From 1865 - 1870 (Post office Directory)

Charles Stern - 1871 (Kelly's Directory)

Elizabeth Stern - 1881 (widow of Charles)

By this time, the property had been inherited by Mr & Mrs. Fisk on James Cotton's death.

Thomas Muncey - 1892 

Henry Matthews - 1896 

George and Margaret Elsom - 1904 - 1918

Margaret Elsom - 1918 - 1933 (widow of George Elsom)

Walter Simons - 1933 - 1937

John Cox - 1937 -1962 (formerly worked the Boothe Gin Distillery in London) 

Neil & Caroline Martin - 1977 - 1980 (Post from ALE monthly 191 March 1980)

Darrell Brown - 2008 - 2011

Tracy & Grame Dalby - 2011 - July 2014

Stanley Victor Firth & Amanda Wright - 2014 - May 2018

*still Trading today with Francis & Lois Barreto - 2018